Nick Padley

About Me

My name is Nick Padley and I work in the online eLearning industry. I am primarily concerned with how to boost user engagement through making the online experience better. My primary job is to work in user experience design, front-end web development and software documentation.

How I Work

I am a big fan of continuous learning methodologies. I always appreciate learning something new and increasing my knowledge of the world.

During the work day, I tend to spend a lot of time on the phone and instant messenger, talking to coworkers and accomplishing tasks.

In order to get my day done, I find the following tools indispensable:

Work Tools

Code Tools

Social Media Policy

I maintain presence on LinkedIn. Other than that, I have deactivated or deleted any other account. Doing this allows me to have a greater understanding of who has access to any information that I post. This makes me think about what I want to share and whether I want to share it.

Things to Remember About Social

  • When something is free, the user is the product
  • Many social media companies place advertising revenue as priority
  • Social networking can be a time suck
  • If it’s posted publicly, it’s out of your control