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Juicing Myself Back to Health

28 January 2015

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on changing my habits and adopting a healthier diet. It all started with watching a documentary called Hungry for Change. Up until the middle of October 2014, I had really been eating all sorts of junk and causing myself to grow - not in the vertical sense, though!

Part of the documentary really concentrated on using juicing as a way to change a person’s diet. Note that it’s not a way of dieting, but a method to positively change what sort of food that the body desires. I had been interested in trying it given all the time it has been given, so I got out our juicer, which had been sitting under the counter for a year and a half and started buying some produce.

Flash forward to today, I’m nearing the final few days of a 28-day juicing plan and I’m feeling fantastic. Not only has this helped me lose some weight, but adding good vegetable and fruit juices has given me the ability to really crave healthy food.

It sounds crazy, but I no longer want to eat so-called “comfort food,” especially the kind that comes with big helpings of saturated fat, salt and sugar. Just the thought of it is unappetizing. I’d rather chow down on a good salad, topped with avocado, broccoli and carrots - something I’m looking forward to at the end of this 28-day program.

The results have been amazing:

  • More energy with healthy eating helps me get to the gym in the morning
  • My workouts have been increasing in intensity, contributing to a great recovery rate
  • I’ve picked up running as something that’s enjoyable when I used to completely hate it
  • 43 total pounds lost since October
  • I now like salads
  • Accomplishing goals boosts my willpower and self-esteem

If you are interested in getting started, I’ve been following the plans put out by Jason Vale. They are reasonable, easy to follow, and have some great recipes!

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