Nick Padley

Switching to Sublime Text from Espresso

17 January 2014

I recently switched my text editor of 5+ years to Sublime Text from Espresso. I’ve been learning the interface for the new editor and really like it. Listed below are a few reasons that compelled me to switch:

  • Better plugin integration (Espresso sugars are neat, but support and configuration is limited)
  • More plugins
  • Better documentation
  • Faster performance
  • More configuration options
  • Better support for file formats (It always was a pain to have to associate additional file formats in Espresso)
  • Multiple cursors (I love the ability to select multiple locations in a doc and simultaneously update them)

I evaluated a number of other text editors on the way to my decision. Among the running was the Brackets app. It’s a great app and looks like it has a lot of potential. However, because I do a lot of work over FTP, their support of that protocol is a bit limited. As a result, I ended up landing on Sublime Text and have been very happy.

Finally, the last thing that convinced me to switch was a very nice, free course provided by TutsPlus. This course is a very good 2 hour overview of the Sublime Text interface and what it can do. I highly recommend watching the videos and giving it a try for yourself.

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